Series 2: The Building Young Women’s Confidence Series:

He stood about ten feet away from Sarah at a local art show. She had to stare to make sure it was really him. Joe Namath! And he was alone! Memories came flashing back as Sarah wondered whether she had the nerve to go talk with him. “Well, here goes,” she thought. She had a long story to tell him from her childhood, but would he listen? “Oh well, why not?” Sarah mumbled to herself as she inched ever so closer to the football icon.

“Hi Mr. Namath.” Sarah said meekly.


In a Perfect World, Abortion Would Not Be Necessary

Follow Up to “Why Do You Care So Little for Women”

In a perfect world,

Young girls would not get pregnant.

In a perfect world,

There would be no rape.

Why do you care so little for women

That you would make life more difficult for them?

Why do you care so little for women

That you would ask women…

Our Promised One*

Thump. Thump. Thump. We could feel our hearts beating in unison to the sound of his bouncing the basketball as he walked forward. Our promised one was approaching the gymnasium basketball court from an adjoining hallway. We heard the ball hit the hallway floor: Thump. Our hearts ticked a beat: Thump. The ball hit the floor again: Thump. Our hearts ticked a beat: Thump. Repeatedly this sequence continued, as we were in concert with our promised one. As he neared the basketball court, we could sense his presence and our bodies reacted accordingly with excitement and anticipation…

Peer Pressure and Shoplifting

During high school, Sarah was under a lot of peer pressure, as were her friends. Unfortunately, many of the girls drove their own competition against each other. This competition included being popular and having a boyfriend. These two ideals combined equaled “A boyfriend will appear, if you are popular.” Until we change this pattern of thinking, girls will strive for being popular and that includes being pretty. Here we go again with the external worth of girls! This needs to be changed. And, if you find it, bottle it and sell it. But alas, Sarah accepted…

Picture by Wikipedia

A Sad But True Story

Standing in the kitchen of a donut store, Sarah stared at the chocolate donut injector machine. It was her first day on the job as a waitress and egad she had access to all the donuts! The chocolate donut injector machine called to her in a melodic whisper, “Sarah, Sarah, chocolate awaits you!” Sarah walked suspiciously past that vat of chocolate; “Was it really speaking to me?” “Stop it!” Sarah declared out loud. But that glob of chocolate ecstasy-filling continued to call to her, “Sarah, Sarah!”

As if Sarah was in a trance, she found…

No more poor body images!

Sarah was 18 years old when she became ever increasingly dissatisfied with her body. She took cues from her friends that she was too heavy. She took insults from her family on a daily basis. At school, work, and home, the comments never ended. Sarah was headed for college next year and she knew one thing and one thing only, she was not going there in her present state. She wanted the body shaming comments to stop.

It was the summer and Sarah had three months to accomplish some weight loss before entering college. Not being educated about healthy eating…

Welcome to Mumble Bee.

Here you will see how haphazard mumbling can be!

My mom can’t understand me! “What did you say?” she said.

Imagine her surprise when I socked myself instead!

The coach yelled, “Go run the bases!”

I thought he said to “Make faces!”

I told my mom, “I am going to chill with the boys.”

I was surprised when I returned because she sold all my toys!

My dad told me to go “Brush my teeth!”

I couldn’t quite understand him, so I washed my feet!

After that, he told me to go “Feed the cat!”


Jimmy Connors looking great. Me, not so much.

There he stood on the court of my tennis club one Sunday morning. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was Jimmy Connors! During his tennis days, I had tried to catch him in every match that was televised. I can remember his double-fist pumping and his mumbling to himself as he engaged the crowd. Such a showman! Such personality! Tennis would never be the same. You knew you were in for a grand performance as Jimmy strutted around the court with all guns-a-blazing. No Broadway show could hold a candle to him. And in those days when he played John…

Permission for use and courtesy of Kraig Schaulin.

As shocking as the doctored photo seems to be, one soon realizes that it bears a ring of truth. In The Handmaiden’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood, women had no say about what they wore and were assigned to lives they had not chosen. The story of The Handmaiden’s Tale was one of complete male dominance and female exploitation. While we are not quite there yet, we can see that some of the uniforms selected for cheerleaders to wear exude this same type of male dominance. The uniforms are fashioned for men.

Restaurants are also notorious for demanding women wear demeaning…

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